Introduction: Knex Crossbow

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I always look around this website and I look for a Knex Crossbow. I hardly find any crossbows, so I decided to make my own
     It is a little suckish, but I think its fine.

Step 1: Materials

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3 white rods
2 yellow rods
2 grey rods
5 green rods
1 green connectors
2 grey connectors
3 red connectors
2 white connectors
1 hot glue gun
I rubber band

Step 2: The Handle

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 You can easily build the handle by just looking.

Step 3: The Long Barrel (what Do I Call It?).

Picture of The Long Barrel (what Do I Call It?).

Just add these pieces together.

Step 4: Attaching the Pieces

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Attach the "barrel" and the handle together to make this.

Step 5: Put Hot Glue On

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put hot glue on these spots ONLY.

Step 6: How to Shoot

to shoot you pull the rubber band back on to that green rod and put something on the band to fire 

now just go shoot anything but a persom or a animal.


tommybutt (author)2015-11-28

I think it's freakin' awesome!!!

Derp Nugget (author)2015-04-18

Ok would it work with smaller peices

JonnyBoyyizBack777 (author)2013-12-17

what spots do i put glue on......

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Bio: I like knex and airsoft. If I find something that can explode ( like an airsoft grenade ) I would make it.
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