Here is my Crossbow Gun, can shoot up to 15-20 feet, and it is quite strong. Hope you like it! Sorry pls, kinda used your trigger design on your crossbow, could not think of any other trigger. Like i said, i take apart creations after 3 days, don't comment for instructions to build it, i take apart, soon, i will stop saying this. :)
Meh, looks extremely flimsy.
Lol you're my 200th comment as well!
It can go more than 20 feet, depending on your rubber band
Doesn't look very strong and nothing new here...but to give you a chance (and seeing this is your first Knex ible), does look kind of powerful....
I'm new to this, give me a break.
It is not -.-

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Bio: I like to build all kinds of things, especially weapons!
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