Knex Crossbow





Introduction: Knex Crossbow

Fires up to two shots at once, and has adjustable power. This design, with less power, can also fire 'spodies at short range.

Step 1: Pieces



blue spacers-16
sm. wheels-2
black connecing pieces-12
rubber bands-8 or more
string-about 1 foot

*need one to make one shot*

Step 2: Connecting Pieces and Trigger

The two connecting pieces should be opposites (as shown).

Step 3: Ammo-locking Thing

enter longer description for this step

Step 4: Assorted Other Pieces

The last four are used to adjust the power.

Step 5: Arms

Make two opposite arms, and tow pulleys (to be used later).

Step 6: Put Pieces Together

enter longer description for this step

Step 7: Attach String and Rubber Bands

enter longer description for this step

Step 8: Attach Arms and "bowstring"

The bowstring is made by connecting about 6 rubber bands together on a string, and making a loop by tying the two ends together.

Step 9: Loading the Crossbow

This may be difficult at first, so point it downrange, so to speak. Two shots can be loaded side by side.

Step 10: Adjustable Power and Sharpened Ammo

Adjusting the power is done by moving the arms forward on their hinges, and locking them in place using the four extra pieces.

A pencil sharpener easily sharpens the tip of the ammo, but the blade dulls faster.

*Note: Caution is strongly suggested when using sharpened ammo. It is not recomended to use sharp ammo on your first try, or at anything living.

*Also note: If you didn't figure the first warning out already, it is suggested that you permanently dismantle the crossbow.



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    'Cept that it was posted about 7 months before.

    The bow part is kind of for show, and to make it a crossbow (not a spear gun).

    looks like a wrist rocket to me...

    There is too many knex cross bws pistols and rifles

    u r so sad... this is depressing. if all ur gonna say is that then bugger off!

    1 reply

    crossbow looks good but im not into (cross)nows that much and am having a break from guns for a while... perhapse mod my rc car...

    Will you stop typing this. it is annoying.

    if you think thats cool wait till you see my bow literaty its a bow not a crossbow im 13 and i have 5 bows 1 dimond 1 mathews 1 hoyt and the other 2 are to small i will post bit idk if my mom will let me

    can u check out my gun its not that good but still please

    It depends, but using standard rubber bands it can shoot at least 20 feet.

    I love it!!!

    hey, could you make a heavy srossbow that shoots only one? i think i like single shots better for some reason...

    This model can shoot only one at a time. It just has the ability to shoot two or one at a time.