Introduction: Knex Cube

Picture of Knex Cube

A Knex Cube. Nothing much to it really. Though unlike most Knex cube-like things, this doesnt have any wierd corners.

You likeee?? Great, then lets get building!

Step 1: Bottom and Top of the Cube.

Picture of Bottom and Top of the Cube.

This is the bottom and top of the cube. Follow the pictures.

1.Make this
2.Another view of pic.1
3.Make its twin!

Well that was pretty easy, now lets move on.

Step 2: Sides of the Cube.

Picture of Sides of the Cube.

Follow the pics.

1.Make this
2.Another wiew of pic.1
3.Make another!

Again, pretty easy. Moving on...

Step 3: The Other Sides of the Cube.

Picture of The Other Sides of the Cube.

These are for the sides of the cube where there is nothing in.

1. Get these pieces
2. A close-up of the white connectors.

--Put those pieces aside for now, you will use them in the next step!

Easy-peasy! Almost finished!

Step 4: Assembling the Cube!

Picture of Assembling the Cube!

This is how to assemble the cube!

1.Get the bottom of the cube
2.Get 1 of the sides and attach like so
3.A close-up of that connection
4.Now get the other side
5.Attach it on like so
6.A close-up of that connection
7.Now get the top
8.Attach on like so
9.Get 4 white rods and one of the white connectors you made earlier
10.Attach the white rods where noted
11.Attach the white connector where noted
12.Do the same on the other side.

Yayz! You are finished! Please rate and dont forget to SUBSCRIBE!

Step 5: Finished!

Picture of Finished!

Yayz! Your have finished your cube! There are endless possibilities that you can use your cube for!

Have fun!

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!KnexMaster! (author)2012-07-11

Im using this pattern and a pattern i saw for a knex heart to make a life size companion cube... working on a knex portal gun too

Hiyadudez (author)smilee2009-11-09

I didnt copy this cube from anywhere.

itzandy (author)Hiyadudez2012-04-08

to be honist how else would you make a cube of knex i have made cubes like this many times before i even looked on internet for idears

slithien (author)smilee2010-06-05

holy **** im building that soma cube thing 2morrow (the link above) :)

KnexFreek (author)smilee2009-11-11

OMG this is a COPY!
hiyadudez, did you see this...

if not then sorry but cmon these are exactly like yours

Hiyadudez (author)KnexFreek2009-11-16

Sorry, but Id never even seen Scott's cube thing before I made this.

KnexFreek (author)Hiyadudez2009-11-16


Mr. Muggle (author)smilee2009-11-10

yep, we all know scott

smattman22 (author)2009-11-09

 i saw this in some knex book copier

Hiyadudez (author)smattman222009-11-09

I did not copy this from anywhere. I built it completely on my own.

Saturn V (author)Hiyadudez2010-09-18

I beleve you.  I found out the same configuration on my own without looking at this.  It is pretty simple.  Simple, but cool.

Saturn V (author)2010-09-18

That's funny, I found this exact thing too! Same layout, same parts, same everything! But that was before I saw the light and found this site.
Darn, it rhymed!

An Villain (author)2010-07-02


Hiyadudez (author)2010-06-24

Go away.

MegaMetal8 (author)2010-04-04


im gonna make its so awsome for some reason!

KNEXFRANTIC (author)2010-02-08

nice but i question its use i know its a model i just think it ciuld be purt to some kind of use

fsxkataangdude (author)2009-12-16

awsome man

yeah its real fun and if you know were to look you can get some pretty cool rocks and stones

redrover95 (author)2009-12-16

it is not useless it can hold all kinds of things i am a rock hound (rock collecter) and i use it to hold my rocks

DJ Radio (author)2009-11-09

Cool random and useless knex object.

Lowney (author)DJ Radio2009-11-25

Isn't every k'nex model? 

cerj (author)DJ Radio2009-11-17

 Agreed lol

Hiyadudez (author)DJ Radio2009-11-09


brammeke11 (author)2009-11-18

 Stop saying this is a copie!

It is a copie but just stop saying it

knexfan9182 (author)2009-11-09

Just because something was done before you were born doesn't mean you shouldn't credit.

KnexFreek (author)knexfan91822009-11-11

 its a copy ur right

KnexFreek (author)2009-11-11

 ehh, i dont love it, it took no thought (like many block trigs on this site)

sorry for my mean comment :(

i didnt rate cause i dont want to hurt its rating

_kira_ (author)2009-11-10

cool, random, and one question, WHY?
Love it !

Hiyadudez (author)_kira_2009-11-11

I can honestly not answer that question!

Mr. Muggle (author)2009-11-10

hehe.... funny

~KGB~ (author)2009-11-09

random... lol!

I_am_Canadian (author)2009-11-09

You got this off of that fellows soma page, no? you should give him due credit.

Hiyadudez (author)I_am_Canadian2009-11-09

No I didnt, I made this without looking at any pictures, instructions or anything.

chopstx (author)2009-11-09

Cool! I never thought that A cube was possible until now!

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