K'nex Custom LED Pinball Machine


Introduction: K'nex Custom LED Pinball Machine

About: I am an artist in many forms of media. I create graphic design on the computer, draw on paper, build with K'nex, and film/edit videos.

This is a pinball machine that I made. For the lighting, I used TRAXON LEDs. They rest under the machine, and are controlled by well... they're controlled by the controller. They can vary in color and brightness. I also made a special K'nex mount for the controller. The pictures and video in the next step show the lights actually changing color. The machine is custom made and fully operational.

Step 1: Different Colors of the Lights

The following video and snapshots show the machine changing colors.
VIDEO:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Nn1kEz1ai8 



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    well youve got my vote :)

    i hope this wins the contest, looks awesome! good luck

    1 reply

    Thanks! I hope it wins too (obviously- why else would have I entered it) :-)

    Yeah, all I did was add LEDs for the contest. I sent it in the night it was due, but It hasn't been accepted yet... Did you watch the video?

    no not yet my parents restricted my computer from youtube, but i wish i could see it

    looks great!