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I have made the tr-8 three times. I have customized it alot, but I think this is the best one. I really like the tr-8 over the tr-18 because, the turret doesn't have that much of a problem compared with the 18 shot turret. It also can get great ranges.


sandroknexmaster (author)2013-08-03

Looks good!

TheRacker (author)2013-07-27

Just post a forum topic next time you make someone else's gun to show it off.

The Knexer (author)TheRacker2013-07-28

Mm'kay. Thanks for the feedback to get me on the right course.

DarkOwlProductions (author)2013-07-26

Impressive job! It kind of seems like it's almost exactly KILLERK's Trifle, but it looks like you built it well! :3

Thanks. I have built it three times but I don't think I will destroy it three times. Lol

The Knexer (author)2013-07-27

Pretty well, only thing is that the ramrod is kinda short. I build it just like his and even removed some of the tape but it doesn't go as far as it should.

hunter999 (author)2013-07-26


nerfrocketeer (author)2013-07-26


Knex Lego Maniac (author)2013-07-26

if you want to strengthen the stock use the yellow cons on the white rods like I have on my stock it make the whole stock so much sturdier

Knex Lego Maniac (author)2013-07-26

looks like it should work great! Happy you like it

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