Knex Custom Tr-8




Introduction: Knex Custom Tr-8

I have made the tr-8 three times. I have customized it alot, but I think this is the best one. I really like the tr-8 over the tr-18 because, the turret doesn't have that much of a problem compared with the 18 shot turret. It also can get great ranges.



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Just post a forum topic next time you make someone else's gun to show it off.

Mm'kay. Thanks for the feedback to get me on the right course.

Impressive job! It kind of seems like it's almost exactly KILLERK's Trifle, but it looks like you built it well! :3

Thanks. I have built it three times but I don't think I will destroy it three times. Lol

Pretty well, only thing is that the ramrod is kinda short. I build it just like his and even removed some of the tape but it doesn't go as far as it should.

if you want to strengthen the stock use the yellow cons on the white rods like I have on my stock it make the whole stock so much sturdier

looks like it should work great! Happy you like it