Knex DBZ Trunks Sword


Introduction: Knex DBZ Trunks Sword

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Hey guys

This is a somewhat replica of Trunks Sword from DBZ out of knex. This is probably the first DBZ related knex thing.

Well guys, if you want instructions, let me know in the comments section.

Thanks again




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    Hello my fellow Knexperts. if you have made this sword, please post a picture of it.

    Thank You!


    Thanks you guys for supporting DBZ and me. DBZ is a cool show and I know CorgiCritter, it is flimsy. Blue Mullet 2, I LOVE your knex guns. Hey I know!, Blue Mullet 2, can you please make instructions for the bolt action rubber band gun. Sandroknexmaster, please make another ball machine and call it "Riptide". Thank you all!


    Cool, but looks a bit flimsy. I think most knexers can build from the pictures.