UPDATE: 2-12-10: This Ible reached 4.95 stars! I almost can't believe it, that's almost 5 full stars! I'd like to thank you all for voting, really appreciate it.

UPDATE: 11-11-10: This Ible reached 4.85 stars! Seriously! I think I'm famous now! :-D

UPDATE: 09-03-10: So, Nintendo has brought out the DS lite w\ larger screen and the DSi w\ larger sceen. If anyone of you has one of these, would you please tell me if they are compatible?

UPDATE: 09-03-10: This dock is compatible with the Gamboy Advanced SP. But who uses these anyways!

UPDATE: 06-09-09: This instructable ended third in the Knex challenge! Yay!

UPDATE: 03-09-09: Forget everything I said about DSi compatability. The docking station can only be used with a DS lite.

Hello fellow friends of knex and gaming. I would like to share you my first knex creation that is not a gun. After all, guns get boring after a while. Instead, I tried to make a dock, like the many Ipod docks I have seen around here. Unfortunatly, I don't have an Ipod, so I made a dock for my DS lite. When I as building, I found out that I had a little space left on the left of the gray rods. I tried to do something with that part, so I made a holder for four game cards. It also has a thingie for holding the adapter cable. Allright, what is there left to say?Just get building and enjoy!

*The regular DS is too large for this dock; the DSi is too small, but can be fitted with some modifications.

**WARNING! The game card holder should only be used with a special casing for game cards. I am not responsible to any damage to your game cards, should you use the holder without cases. If you use the right cases, the game cards are
exactly one connector wide.
***The DS docking station can not be used when a Gameboy Advance cardridge is inserted.

****This Instructable ended third in the grand knex challenge. Yay!

*****The Docking station can also be used with a Gameboy Advance SP. Thanks to "knex i love yes" for pointing this out.

******WARNING! The dock is not a protective tool for your DS. I am not responsible should it be damaged in any way possible while using the dock. The same applies to the game cards in the holder.

Step 1: Everything You Need.





PS: If you don't have enough pieces, you seriously need to buy more pieces. Everyone can build this.

Allright, so first thing you need to do, make the parts in all the images. You need the part in the second and fifth image twice. Please notice that there is one part on the first three pieces where you don't need to add a green rod. So don't be stubborn and add one, as you will need this part later on.
Ta Da! I made it but modified it to work with my 3ds
do you think it would work with a 3ds? I have a 3ds and I might build it to see if it works
does it work with the 3ds please reply
Apologies for the late reply. I am not on often. <br> <br>This thing was made from before the 3DS existed, and as of such I do not know if it will work. If you really want to know, you should ask another Instructables member or try it out. I do not have a 3DS so I can't try it out.
Nice screen. It looks like you just shot it with an srv2 or something...
If I shot it with a huge slingshot my DS would be dead. ;-) <br> <br>I play COD on my DS, which means I have to use the stylus to move around and aim. That's why my screen is so messed up.
lol, i do a lot of FPS (metroid prime hunters FTW) and other touch screen based stuff on my DS, but the screen has almost NO scratches in it at all XD
Do you use NDS original, NDS Lite, NDSi, or NDS3d? The latter two have a reinforced touch screen.<br><br>(Besides that, it should be noted that I used this one for three years when I made the picture... And I still use it.)
sorry, i'm rather bad at keeping track of what's in my inbox and stuff...<br>i use a DS lite. only times i've had to send it in for repairs are 1) when the hinge broke and 2) when the left trigger stopped working (pretty much a game killer considering i mostly play fps games on my ds...) ....I guess the fact my screen is still (nearly) pristine may have to do with the 'soft tip' stylus that the ds lite uses... (i've noticed that after REALLY excessive use the stylus tip wears down)
Well that was a really late reply, lol.<br><br>Yeah yeah, I know, my screen is scratched. But I really do not care. By the way, I do not use it now anymore.
where did you get it and which COD?
COD 4 DS, and COD 6 Mobilised DS. I don't play it anymore now.
but why didn't you covered the screen with a screen protection kit?<br><br>I had mine 3ds a few days and bought a screen protection kit for it.
Because IIRC they don't sell those in Holland, apart from some specialised shops that are quite far away from where I live.
in de free record shop of de game mania vind je die normaal toch ook
I have never seen such a screen protection kit there to be frank. But the Free-Record shop in my hometown is a rather small store, so that might have something to do with it. <br> <br>I rarely ever go to the larger cities, so yeah...
Maybe if you order it online
Do you have someone for the DSi XL too?
No, sorry.
make it clearer<br />
nvm<br />
Are you building this?
yes<br />
actually im done<br />
And, does it work?
Cool! And, does it work?
i built this to see if it would hold my dsi xl...<br>.<br>.<br>...not even close.
Nope, that doesn't work I'm afraid. There is a reason those things are called XL :-P
yeah, i guess so, lo. unfortunately, i took my ds to school and some moron stole it<br>
That's sad. :-( Are you going to buy a new one? Those things are expensive. <br> <br>Myself, I'd never take my DS to any public space, they're way too expensive for that.
yeah, unfortunately, those things are 200 bucks. so im getting ipod touch for Christmas. i'm completely over the whole thing
I got mine for 25 bucks a yesterday and now I wanna make this for it.<br>I got it with call of duty. its awesome.
Same happened with i had a DS lite, they stole it in the gym hal and the school never payed it back it was worth &euro;600 console + games happily i got the DSI as a present and later traded in and payed &euro;179 extra for the 3DS in the game mania.
Huh? Someone at the gym hall stole it, yet you ask the school to refund it for you?
I did, but the gym hall was from the county and they won't refund the stolen wear
Not meaning to crtiticise, but quite obvious if you ask me. I never leave my mobile phone alone when I go to the School's gym either. Not trying to blame you, but it isn't really the school's fault that it was stolen, is it?
But it pisses me of when i heard it was someone of the same school i was and they even knew who it was.
Hm, that explains quite a few things.
thats awesome, youlle have to tell me how it works sometime. : &gt;)
wow your DS is so scratched up
Yeah, I know. That's what you get when you play COD on the DS...
i hate COD on ds its hard because im a lefty and dont use a stylus
Eh... You can switch between left and right handed in the options menu...
7 <br>im confused <br>please make it simpler, its soo confusing, all the picture
I'm afraid I can't make it any simpler then it is right now... But here's a tip. Try to build it from the pictures instead of the instructions. In some cases that can be easier then building it from the instructions.
Sorry for double posting, but if that doesn't work, maybe I'll redo this step. I've heard multiple complaints already. <br> <br>And btw, are you Dutch? If you are I can explain it in Dutch, maybe that helps.
Heeeeey! You have grease statins around your buttons, too! I'm not alone! My poor old Nintendo DS Lite (Same color as yours, but mine's from the original release of the DS Lite back in 2006) it has these horrible grease stains around all the buttons. I have yet to figure out a way to get rid of them.
Lol, yeah. I have tried everything to remove them, nothing worked out... :-( <br> <br>Sorry for the spelling. I'm not a native English speaker.... So the grammar can't be solved, I'm afraid. <br> <br>But I'll run this through spellcheck again, see what happens. Thanks for the advice, and I hope you like the Instructable.
Yeah, guess pizza/McDonalds and Nintendo DS's just don't mix. <br> <br>And I didn't mean mis-spellings in your Intructable. I meant in my comment. I spelled &quot;Stains&quot; &quot;Statins&quot; at first. <br> <br>

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