K'nex Delorean RC





Introduction: K'nex Delorean RC

Delorean of bttf made of knex exept the rear axle because the original doesn't work good and a friend give to me a old rear axle of a rc broken car.

It have suspension in all wheels

you can see a little video

here you can build a similar car


Excuse me for my english because I don't speak it very well.



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    I bet you could double the speed by geer increasing its back weels ;)

    Absolutely superb!
    I don't suppose you could give me a wheel base measurement?
    If you could, that would be really helpful. :)

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    The wheel base measurement is 275 mm, and the track is 197 mm. I understand it in http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wheelbase

    hey man well done
    looks pretty realistic ;)

    BTW how did you integrate the rc parts
    bcause i also want to insert it in to my car

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    I bought 2 thinks:
    A simple radio controller with reciver and servos (brand fujitel)
    and a speed controller for DC motors 7,2v to 8,4 but i use 9,6v no problem. (brand duratrax), note: Is a little motor like a D battery
    the product have a manual to conect it, but is to easy.

    I mind in your country sell that items, i put the links o the products I use:

    Very cool! Subbed :)

    *yay* I loooooooooooove back to the future! Great model! Maybe you could make instructions? :)

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    i will make the instructions for the car no rc.

    I think you could have done a better job with the hood.

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    Yeah, I agree. If there's anything he could work on on this it's the hood.

    This is the first great car ive seen in quite a while. =) Great work.