Knex Desert Eagle .50~!!





Introduction: Knex Desert Eagle .50~!!

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i was looking for a knex desert eagle .50 on this site, but i wasn't able to find a good one!!
so i toke Woutgineer his realistic knex gun, and modifeded it into a Desert Eagle =D

it has 2 slides, the "shell ejecting" one,
and the front of the barrel!
i focused on realisticness, and be honest about what you think of it!!

1: normal
2: opend and locked
3: down the sight
4: with silencer!
5: with fake flash hider



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    Nice, ziet er best goed uit! Alleen jammer dat de trekker zo te zien niet beweegt, maar goed gedaan :)

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    ik had dit poep ding een keer super realistisch geupdate en ik herinner me zojuist het ontwerp weer

    trekker is aangepast
    een 2 wegs conector, die ook onder het handvat zitten, die moet je moddificeren, dus een van de buitenste stukken afknippen, dan heb ik er ooknog tigger guard op gezet!
    post binnenkort me nieuwe set!

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    who favorited this?!

    it doesn't shoot
    and the bullets(dark gray one way conectors) go in the handle

    I didn't even know woutgineer was an author. Just goes to show that there are still some hidden gems out there. Great job on the mods!

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    the big green rods are suposted to be the side slides
    and thanks!!