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Hi, this is my desert eagle. I built it because i couldn't find a long ranged d eagle that didn't have a weird looking ram sticking out the back when cocked. It doesn't look very realistic, (the barrel is too fat) but it is accurate and has long range. Should I post?

No annoying ram sticking out the back
Long range (30-35 ft with a good rubber band)
Comfortable grip
Can shoot white or blue rods
Very easy to make

Not very realistic
Firing pin occasionally gets stuck
Bullet can fall out the front  


TheKnexChicken (author)2016-02-26

Post it so we can make it!!!

williamc2 (author)2014-09-07

epic you should post

dr. richtofen (author)2013-01-26

Meh. It shouldn't be called a D. Eagle, as it doesn't look like one. The trigger is pretty interesting, but the rest is not that good, and this type of guns have already been made a lot. Take a look around the site to see what kind of k'nex guns are good now, and just keep building stuff, and your guns'll improve

No problem

lolololtrol (author)2013-01-24

Just made it from the pics, i like and it has very good range, but it certainly isn't a replica.

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