Knex Desert Eagle Slide Action





Introduction: Knex Desert Eagle Slide Action

So here it is my new Knex Desert Eagle!

thanks to "knex armory" for the idea

-good size
-shoots amazingly good and you will hit where you are aiming for

- not the original half slide
- no magazin

so any ideas what i can build? just say it =3



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    can you make some duct tape projectso and some knex guns that have no broken pieces? ☺

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    Ist es halbautomatische? Können Sie es schreiben?

    looks amazing! favourited :D

    Wow.... Very smooth and clean. If only you nailed a removable magazine, which I realize is hard to do. Overall though, probably the best interpretation of a Desert Eagle out of knex that I've seen.

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    This is amazing!!!!

    Try some more transformers. I saw the Jetter, and you show remarkable potential (like Alan "Yuppie" Yap potential)

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    Thanks for your support!

    thanks man! and thank you that youre so active on my profile =3

    Haha yeah, I try to keep up with all the recent stuff, and you've been doing a lot lately!