Knex Desktop Trebuchet





Introduction: Knex Desktop Trebuchet

A small-sized trebuchet with an okay range.

Step 1: Make the Base

Make as the picture below shows.

Step 2: Make the Sides

Make two of the following sides as the picture shows.

Step 3: Make the Track for the Trebuchet

Make three of the the first picture line them up put blue rods through the holes. make the sides for the track then add them to step two.

Step 4: Make the Trebuchet Weight

Make the picture below then add 7 large wheels to middle of the rod between the two gray connectors.

Step 5: Make the Arm

Make the 2nd-4th pictures then put them together like in picture 1 and after that add step 4 to make the final picture, then put picture 5 in the middle of picture 6 with the hole then get 4 blue spacers and 2 gray spacers and add them to the fifth picture.

Step 6: Putting It Together

Take step 1 and add the two step 2's that you make it like shown in picture 3. After that add a red rod where the picture shows. Then take the finished result from step 5 and add it to the top of the white connectors. Add step 3 to the bottom part like in the picture to finish the framework of the trebuchet.

Step 7: The Sling

Cut out a piece of string 15 inches long, then cut that in half. Get a piece of fabric, such as old pant legs, and cut out a () 4inX2in shape like the 2nd picture shows and cut little holes(near where the picture has them) in the sling that are big enough to fit the strings throughput both strings through then knot the crap out of it so it stays when pulled with a little force on both sides. Tie one string to the center hole in a orange connector and make a slip knot on the other side. Put the orange connector where it said that it would be explained.

Step 8: Loading/Firing

Drag the main arm back and put a red rod with a gray connector in the spot that the picture shows. Put a marble in the middle of the sling and fold the long part of the sling on itself. Then put that in the track making sure that the marble won't fall out prematurely. When thats done just pull the red rod and hopefully it fires.



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    what did you use for weight


    How did you make it virtual looking? It is really cool.


    the program is named MLCAD

    how did you make the pictures cartoonish!?!?!



     correction: mlcad is the name of the program