And finally part 2. Note: the spicy thing is only there for stability. If you have any ideas on which transformers I should make next just comment!!
<p>Sweet job!</p>
<p>doesn't he have his wip form the digger thing?</p>
No his whips are the treads.
<p>yes. I would like that very much thank you<br><br>-iamcharged1 </p>
<p>Hey 18efroese, make a K'nex helicopter transformer just like Blackout from Transformers (2007) </p>
<p>Does the 2007 transformers movie have a name, like ROTF or DOTM, or is it just called transformers?</p>
Actually I did that once but it didn't work to well but I'll try again if you like.
I only built 3 due to my lack of readily available pieces...
<p>YES!!! i have made all of the constructicons. You can thank 18efroese of the preview pics. </p><p>-iamcharged1</p>
YAAAAAY! Now I need to know how to combine...
<p>HOLY CRAP, that looks AWESOME!!!!!</p>
<p>Pretty good! When I first saw it it didn't look that much like a robot to me, but it is pretty accurate to how he looks in the first picture! (;</p><p>-J.R.</p>

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Bio: I love knex and all the good stuff like robots and transformers. I'm male and looking for great knex ideas.
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