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Introduction: Knex Differential

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Hey guys, this is some little side project of my new knex ball machine, a differential!
So i thought, why not make a instruction for it?
Hope you guys'll like it!

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Step 1: The Side Gears

Step 2: The Other Gear

Step 3: Finishing the Box

Step 4: Done!

Yeah, this ible is a bit short, but it's been so long since my last ible, hope you still liked it!

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    Nice little differential! I made it in 5 minutes. :P

    2 replies

    Sure! It was fun to make too :P

    what does it even do?!?!

    it can not turn in the same direction on both sides?!?!

    2 replies

    No, that is not what a differential is made for.

    actualy this can run. I try another differential model (in this site) same like yours, but it is smaller than yours, it runs.

    What does this actually do?

    This is fantastic. I will use it in my knex emergency vehicle. Do you know of any smaller differentials?

    3 replies

    Sorry, no :(

    But glad you like it!

    I do like it, and I just finished installing it into my semi truck but it isn't a perfect fit and I will have to perform some rather large modifications. Oh, well. If it comes to it, I can just invent my own. Oh, and thanks for your Rubik's cube tutorials. They really helped me out with the perplexing thing.

    Haha, glad I could help out :)

    Yeah you're back!!!!!!!!
    Feels good to touch some knex after a year without, isn't it? :P
    I'm already looking forward to your next ball machine, can't wait!

    4 replies

    Ha, thanks guys!
    It's just a bit hard to build without knex and I was in the US as an exchange student for a year - of cource without knex.
    And it was first of all wierd to touch knex and I was thinking: did I seriousley manage to make big ball machines? HOW???????? lol

    My main constraints are time and space...

    Seriously, I'm not making a joke there XD

    My problem is that i get too focused on ball machines and i hang down with the other things like school