This gun is the heaviest on ive made so far, being 2 pounds.

High Range 55-70 Ft
Extreme power
Does Major Damage
Has a detachable Quadropod
Very Accurate
Looks a little liek a Dragunov
Very thick gun

Quad-pod is weak at the ball joint
Needs more power and range (avg range = 60 ft)

Double the range
Better looks

This gun can be used to blow the brains out of anyone!!! (Including Justin Bieber)
Anti-terrorist rifle? Nah. That's the M82: (Sorry for being stereotypical!)
no this
No, this.
Nice Barret M82 =D I would definitely post that if I were you =D
Barret 50.cal in the stomach does not kill,<br>Knife in the foot does.(MW3)
Did you make that and if there are no instructions would you post some?
I have pictures for an instructable and have for over a year. Never got round to actually posting it.
Then make an ible over summer break! If my knex supplier lowers his prices I would build it.
I have a double barrel shotgun too...
Post that too! You haven't posted many things recently. And it is the most realistic action I have seen. Where is the firing pin?
Its a non firing replica i'm afraid...
Could you make it firing? And pls post the famas if you can.
No can do. Will completely ruin the shape and remove the support. And that was destroyed a while ago...
Ok then could you make a nice looking break action shotgun that fires?Or a gun with a tubular mag that uses a lever or pump to load it but somthing else to cock it?
That is an EPIC replica you have there =D Too bad it does not fire though =(
FAMAS anyone? (No ible pics for this one, sorry!)
Yes please =D
What does it fire?<br>
Yellow rods.
It's good, not the best. 3.5* BTW: the shoe is a stalker....
I know man, that shoe was a stalker. I think this was one of the first rifles I made when I started knexing. Since then i've made way better rifles than this old thing lol. And thanks. :)
No problem ;D
You need to post instructions for the reverse crossbow and the dimitri d-20 and the last version of this.
I could probably do the R.C.P. Mk4. But the D-20 and the A.T.R. are long gone sorry =(

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