Knex Dinosaur




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Introduction: Knex Dinosaur

My knex dino.... hope you like! :) It transforms!

Step 1: The Body

Make the body

Step 2: Make the Arms.

The arms of the dino.

Step 3: Make the Legs

Just keep lookin.

Step 4: Make the Head

Looky!!! :)

Step 5: Fin!

its done! now to make it transform look at the notes.



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    Looks kinda kool. pics r blurry. looks like a robot tho.
    on a side note- damn cat broke another couple wine glases. he is banished to the bathroom. sucks gettin it truble on christmas eve. "santa" wont like that.

    hey a dino! on snap... MY EYE!!!!

    Hey babies like dinos little kids like dinos!!!! Oh and to author of dis instructable This is sweet Just i cant really seee the picz >.>

    yeah maybe babies and little kids, but what about all the Instructables peeps that want to make high tech stuff, for them this is a waits of time!!!!

    Nice! Pictures are a little blurry, but otherwise nice job! Transformers-- robots in disguise! Just kidding. :P

    1 reply

    dont you mean dinos in disguise? :P

    You definitely need brighter pictures, try taking them in a white background with a bright light

    yeah i kno.. 3.1 mp cammra... mom found it on e-bay T___T

    haha my flipphone has a 3 mp camera hahaha

    mine has 6mp