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Introduction: Knex Disc Thrower

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Hey guys, it's knextremist again with my second entry in the Toy Rods and Connectors Contest. It is none other than a Knex disc launcher! What makes mine so innovative and different, however, is that it is based off of a clay pigeon thrower. I have searched the interwebs and have not been able to find any Knex pigeon throwers. So, I think it's safe to say that this is a first. And with a range of about 15 feet with 4 bands, it has obvious potential. This instructable is not a step by step due to the lack of time I have to enter this in the contest. If I get enough of you who want to build this or it wins anything, I shall post instructions. :) So, if you want to build this or just like it, drop me a vote and be my friend forever! O.k. here we go, specifications.


Only three broken pieces which are not required.
New design
All Knex except for the rubber bands
Range: About 15 feet
Great potential
Looks great!


Not great range
Uses a few of rare orange pieces found on my gun: Concept V
No instructions...yet

Image notes will show the various parts of the weapon!
Hope you enjoy!!!
And remember, PLEASE VOTE!




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    That is pretty cool, but you might want to use K'NEX wheels as the "round," and not what you are using. They might be lighter, and thus, you might get more range.

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    Now you see the biggest problem with the range of this contraption is the fact that the ammo is not circular. I was unable to make ammo that was circular yet big enough to fit nicely behind the trigger mech. The round ammo would spin like throwing a frisbee while the octagonal ammo is used, would not spin upon release. This greatly reduced the weapons range. The problem with Knex wheels is that they are too small, so, this definitely needs some tweaking.

    Ah, yes, our K'NEX can only do so much. Well, did you ever try filling in your octagonal round used in this disc thrower? While it may be heavier, you might increase the range by making the round heavier AND adding more bands. Filling the round in would lower the velocity, but if you added more bands, you could counteract that.

    nice this is like my dads clay pigeon thrower

    Pretty difficult looking, innovative, and interesting build. I voted. :P

    Holy cheese. You out to get someone? LOL Put this at their door, knock, and let er rip.

    Thanks! It was a lot harder to make than it looks.

    Ingenius! This thing would be fun at a party. Just load some cookies in it and, Zing!

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    Hahaha :) I've never tried cookies but I have tried toy hamburgers. :D