Alright, heres the story, i got bored of making  just weaponry, so i decided to make something different. I tried my best to create a replica of Dj hero control. here it is, im not gonna post, but........ENJOY!!
looks pretty good and lol little knob
Haha, yeah lol :P
awsome would be awesomer if it worked!!!!!!!
this is really cool and thanks for posting it in my group! i subscribed to anybody who posted.
Really cool, this thing is amazing.  Hey, mind if I put this in the Anti-gun knex group?
go ahead<br />
POST&nbsp;IT&nbsp;NAO&nbsp;NAO&nbsp;NAO&nbsp;NAO&nbsp;NAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!=D=D=D<br /> <br /> Sorry for that tangent.....But its cool.<br />
do you even have dj hero?
Actually, no.<br />
read description, me no post, sorry, already taken apart, makin a sword. =(<br />
Cool! Unlike most, I think it's pretty good. I'll give you 4.5*, I don't give 5* to something that doesn't function, no matter what. Sorry.<br />
it has a motor, but whatever<br />
&nbsp;Looks really nice for (i think) you're instructable :) 4.5
If you can make better buttons, post it and I'll love it.<br /> The wheel is awesome!<br />
Look really cool. You need better pictures, I can't see anything.
i know there kinda blurry , idk y but every time i took the ooic it got blurry for some reason<br />
Try&nbsp;use the flash.
sorry, cell phone no have flash, and my bro wont let me use his cannon camera<br />
Try using a tripod.<br />
Dj would like this...
Tell me about it. lol
this is epic!

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