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This gun fires two blue rods.
It started out as a Spas-12, but I decided to change it.
If enough people like it I may post the instructable, or try to upload a video.

-New bullet lock system (I have never seen it before, tell me if you have)
-Break Action
-Accurate (Both bullets can hit a tissue box from 15ft away)
-Decent Range (30ft on level ground, with a bit of an angle)
-Rail on top for attachments
-Strong connection between the break action part

-If you don't pull the firing pin back far enough it can get stuck on the trigger
-The sight isn't that great
-Stock is a little flimsy but I ran out of pieces



Triggerhappy101 (author)2013-02-25

Nice. First time i've seen a break-action. 4.5*

iloveknex345 (author)2011-04-05

check out dutchwarlords beneillie shotgun its amazing , it uses shells and is break action
i think it is the nest double barrel shotgun that uses shell out there

topcat123 (author)2010-04-02

 how do you build it?

knexbuilder12345 (author)2010-02-10

this is so cool please post it!!!! 

DJ Radio (author)2010-01-19

Im gonna post some shells I thought of a month ago and see if anyone can put it into a shotgun.  It's made for double barrel guns.

juneapaluna (author)DJ Radio2010-01-19

Alright sweet, I'll try them out.

DJ Radio (author)juneapaluna2010-01-23

Ugh sorry for not being able to get the pics right away, I'm having camera trouble atm.  Gimmie a few more days.

juneapaluna (author)DJ Radio2010-01-24

Alright, I'm not planning on taking it apart or anything.

~KGB~ (author)2010-01-19

post! 5*

juneapaluna (author)2010-01-18

This could easily be modded to have two independent working barrels but I could not think of a way that pulls back both firing pins. Feel free to tell me or post something if you do.

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