K'nex Double-Barrel Shotgun




Introduction: K'nex Double-Barrel Shotgun

This is my Shotgun. And yes, it does have 2 barrels. You can only shoot red rods, or grey rods. 2 Rams. About a foot long. And shoots pretty far depending on rubber bands of course. Also, the reason why I didn't post instructions, is because it's long gone. I might build it later, but it's gone. Sorry. Tell me what you think of the gun!! :D



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    This looks like it was a very fun gun to shoot! Not bad work at all for a beginner builder. When taking pictures, try to take them by a source of light, like in the sun, or under a lamp so they don't turn out so dark.

    Also, the handle looks pretty uncomfortable with all the rods sticking out of it, try to cover the rod ends like in this handle: https://www.instructables.com/id/Knex-Shotgun-Death...

    Ahh, okay I'll do that next time. And I agree. I wasn't fond of the handle too much. Thank you for your suggestion!