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Hello, this is my K'nex shotgun, it fires at least 2 bullets simultaneously and has a lot of power. I tried to make the gun more solid from its original form by reinforcing the parts around the trigger with orange ladder connectors and with the blue spacers. This gun and the identical pistol version, both fire 2 bullets and they both spin when they hit the end of the rail, causing more power to the bullet,(pictures will be clearer). This gun fires bullets up to 20 feet.


It fires multiple bullets.
The bullets spin when fired.
The gun is lightweight.
It can be moved easily when in battle.
The sights are very accurate.
Very strong.

Hurts if you get hit by it
It uses a lot of parts for its size.

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JonnyBGood (author)2013-07-29

This looks like a pretty good idea! What kind of range can this achieve?

Hehe thanks for reminding me, i forgot to add it to my instructable, it can achieve up to 20feet :) its not the best but its good for me lol :) :)

Really? 20 ft? hmmmm.... This thing looks like it could achieve much more than that. I will definitely need to take a try at this idea.

Yh it only achieves that because the elastic band i use is too loose and i need a tighter one :/ but i know the guns (my pistol and shotgun) can achieve a lot more and if you want closer pics or parts to make, inbox me or i might post some :) oh and by the way, i have a question for you in a minute ;)

tommybutt (author)2015-11-28

please post instruction

sandroknexmaster (author)2013-08-03


thank you :D

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