Hey guys I just finished a new project that I have been working on for a while now. It's the Knex Double Shot Rifle! It's uses a charging handle like on the shot-bows to cock two firing pins at once. The only major difference between a shot-bow and my Double Shot is that my takes a mag while the shot-bows use a different loading system. The magazine is like ironman69's but 5 layers thick and has two places for the bullets to load. Well don't forget to rate and leave a comment if you have any questions.
I like it, Are you going to post? Anyway 4 Stars
Drakencas3 years ago
post plz 4,5
ooocol223 years ago
ryry20113 years ago
znorton3 years ago
TheRacker3 years ago
Looks decent however it is very basic.
An Villain3 years ago
this looks cool, you should post
MegaMetal83 years ago
~KGB~3 years ago
not bad at all.
Nice! :D
prettty cool!
This is pretty good. =)
jiansy3 years ago
just post it, you know you want to. Please,also i made that overkill gun of yours super epic man.
KnexFreak360 (author)  jiansy3 years ago
Probrably will made a model in MLcad and thanks the overkill was probrably my favorite gun ever!