This is a knex Drop ride from Thorpe Park called Detonator that i made. I may post instructions later if i build it again. 

Anyway, enjoy!

pic 6 looks like a huge cannon
this rideo looks like the one i made a while ago did you get the idea from the internet i will rebuild mine to show you here is the video it is not mine but it is the same one i made<br><br><br><iframe frameborder="0" height="349" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/INTYYLdB99Q" width="425"></iframe>
yes, I got the idea off the internet. I want to rebuild it and change it to have something pull the drop car up and then release it, like the drop ride; Detonator
i have done the same thing a while ago so i will rebuild to show you k?&gt;)
i awas jut wondering
Did you mean ride or video?
posting vid shortly!
post please!
i will try to post this in summer =D
Cool! I like it! :)
now working on 'Knexsayer', a shotgun with revolving barrel! =D<br>(Credit goes to Tumbleweed on K'nex Innovation)
I don't like guns...
thanks =D
Thanks! =D
Did you copy this from one of the Youtube droprides? Or is this the original dropride on youtube?
it's not the original on youtube, but i took the idea off there.
I don't know which is the original, but you need to give credit to whoever you got the idea from :) IT's great, I love the nechanism.
i'll find out and give them credit =D
I really want to build another ride from Thorpe Park, any ideas?
this is a youtube drop ride copy?
Looks great!
Epic! 5*
thanks! I will be posting a video of it shortly
no prob! nice =D
i'm running out of ideas for rides, have you got any?<br>
ferris wheel?
might try that.... Cheers! :)
Or a boom ride? =D
I'll build both =D
Good luck! im gonna start another ball machine now
Good luck with that! i'd love to see it when it's finished =D
Love the Knex m4 s-system by the way! =D
Thanks =D
postpostpost i want to build like a 20 foot one :D
its about 7-8 feet tall, but i broke it up. If i build it again soon, i will probably build it in summer. i'll try to post instructions soon! =D

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