Knex Drop Ride-Detonator





Introduction: Knex Drop Ride-Detonator

About: The names Alex, I'm studying to become a mechanical engineer but i still love indulging in my hobbies!

This is a knex Drop ride from Thorpe Park called Detonator that i made. I may post instructions later if i build it again. 

Anyway, enjoy!



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    this rideo looks like the one i made a while ago did you get the idea from the internet i will rebuild mine to show you here is the video it is not mine but it is the same one i made

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    yes, I got the idea off the internet. I want to rebuild it and change it to have something pull the drop car up and then release it, like the drop ride; Detonator

    now working on 'Knexsayer', a shotgun with revolving barrel! =D
    (Credit goes to Tumbleweed on K'nex Innovation)

    Did you copy this from one of the Youtube droprides? Or is this the original dropride on youtube?