What's up? This drum mag was featured in my TAR-21 slideshow. I was asked to post insructions, so here are they.
In the way I made this, it can't feed. However, the top part can be converted to contain bullets. This mag can be used to give your gun extra bulk, or to replicate the magazines for AA-12's, Striker shotguns etc.
All broken parts on each layer inside the drum, can be replaced by standard, light grey connectors (two slot).
<p>Do you mind if I use this mag concept in one of my K'NEX guns and post it? I'd give you credit.</p>
<p>Ah, sure, go ahead~</p>
<p>Thanks! :-)</p>
<p>Nice model! Too bad it does not feed bullets, although it should be pretty easy to make it do so.</p>
But then I can't shoot it :(
Only a few mods and I can put this in my pistol.
<p>use this and make a nerf rinofire</p>
<p>Make 2 add them to your Scar L then reload HAMR style XD</p>
even een vraagje, <br>kan dat magazijn ook echt rods vast houden?
De bovenkant zou dat eventueel wel kunnen, maar het ronde gedeelte niet
ok, het zou wel extreem cool zijn als hij het wel kon
Inderdaad. Maar er is een trommelmagazijn hier op de site, die dat wel kan (hier is ie: <br>https://www.instructables.com/id/A-Working-Semi-auto-Mechanism-and-Round-Magazine/)
cool dude ik kijk later <br>bro hoof! /)*(\
die kende ik nog niet XD
btw ik ga dit magazijn maken en modden, het bovenste deel ga ik zo maken dat het werkt
someone plays too much skyrim...
I'm not sure what you're meaning with that, but stop
it's just a joke.
neh te lui
ga hem sws wel maken <br>ben der zelfs mee bezig op het moment
someone plays too much skyrim
oh my god thats very cool
Thanks =D
Hmm...the concept is a good one, but I don't even know if the idea is feasible. I don't think that a drum mag could be feasible unless it was belt fed, or not a drum mag at all. And even a belt fed mag would be hard, if not undo-able. Good job on the looks though. I don't understand why people must be somewhat rude and speculate that you make non-shooting K'NEX guns. I just doesn't make sense. XD
Thanks. Yeah, a working drum mag would be epicly hard to make with k'nex. The top part of the magazine (straight part) can be converted to fit ammo though
Epicly hard indeed. Yup, no problem.
There actually is a working drum mag floating around here somewhere, i'd need to find it though.
Yeah. I thought blue mullet had one. His wasn't round though. And he deleted his account/ibles etc.
I am almost sure BM didn't make one, but I wonder what prompted him to delete his account... LOL.
XD I thought it was him. I remember we had a comment chain there about unreliableness. (someone said that, then a long chain of +1 etc...)
I have now found the thing that has the working drum mag I was saying earlier. It should be right about<em><a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/failed-andor-incomplete-projects/" rel="nofollow"> here</a></em>...&nbsp;
I'm glad to see your &quot;back&quot; on 'ibles. Working on anything new? Well, as to sharir1701's drum mag...its *meh.* I don't really see why or how you would implement it into a gun, but his mech is kinda cool.
Well, i'm not really making anything revolutionary but I am experimenting with a gun that shoots backwards. I'm sure that mag could be made to fit a gun in someway, and that mag when it first came out I was like: &quot;OMG THIS THING ACTUALLY WORKS!? :O&quot;
A gun that shoots backward...hmmm...sounds kinda cool, but what instance would you use that? XD
Give the gun to someone so that they end up shooting themselves instead of the one infront of the shooter.
I could see myself doing that. XD Have you seen my PDR?
True dat. XD
Hmm...really? Wow, sounds awesome. :-D
Best I could find: <br>https://www.instructables.com/id/A-Working-Semi-auto-Mechanism-and-Round-Magazine/
Not bad. And why did instructables SCREW UP AGAIN.
thanks, and lol XD
cool :)
Thx :D
thanks for posting the drum mag looks awesome
=D THanks!
Not that great. Sorry.
Yeah, don't be sorry. I made it with my last pieces while I had the TAR. It's for looks mostly.

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