K'nex Dual Blade





Introduction: K'nex Dual Blade

This is a dual bladed melee weapon i came up with while trying to make a functioning k'nex katar. personally i think it kinda looks like the energy sword from Halo but its far too small.

Step 1:

the trick to getting the blue connectors fitted in is to get them connected on one side and then wedge and wiggle the other rod down through until it can snap in.

Step 2:

Step 3:



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    ok im making hidden blades so if you like then im going to make instructions

    all your stuff is great! I followed you :-)

    Hi everyone im new to instructables and i want you to know i have made the hidden blade (really good) out of knex. it is only the 1st part i will post the second soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    cool it looks like a energy sword from halo

    Heh, looks very nice. I can see melee weapons here becoming better and better; in fact, I might even make one myself.

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    one melee weapon ive tried to make but it just wasnt working out (it ended up as this, actually) is a split-blade katar with a hidden center blade. if u can i would love to see you make one.

    I have made my decision. I will make a Katar like that, but only after I've finished my new knex gun. That means I can break down my old knex gun after I've finished the new one. Otherwise I'd have to break that gun right now, and I'd be stuck without a gun should a war break out.

    Meh, why not. I could always try.

    HALO!!! My favorite weapon in that game. Second favorite was punching people. :)

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    lol yeah dont u love in halo 2 sometimes you get to sneak up on them then melee them oh and i love when you get to get an energy sword and turn invisible then BOUSH they're dead

    lol i thought, but you know to game as well?

    nice, akimbo this lol