Knex EDF Powered RC Car!





Introduction: Knex EDF Powered RC Car!

Hey guys, I'm back and I bring you my RC knex jet car! took about 2 hours to build and it goes about 50mph+ (Fastest knex car?) I used equipment from my old RC jet which could go about 90mph+
I hooked up a servo for I could have some steering aswell :)

I will do a video of this beast when I have ironed out the kinks!

Also when it crashes it pretty much explodes! XD



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    i was going to put a nitro powered plane engine on a car ages a go but couldnt get the fuel tank to fit so gave up lol but would of been one heck of a car

    i had the same problem i couldnt fit an air compressed tank which was in my old rc jet which went over 50mph because of the air compressed tank but unfortunattly it wouldnt fit in the buggy i was building it took me weeks to make it now all that hard work went down the drain

    thats got to make an epic crash eh?

    looks great and should be featured!

    that is great but how are you going to steer it doing you need more steering room

    nice looks cool maybe have a look at mine ?

    what is your youtube name

     What's the Kv on that brushless motor?  Also, what batteries are you running?

    lol Znap!

    it looks really good so whiy dont you next time try and make a knex plane or somthin i realy dont know if it is goin to work but it is worth a try