Blast From the Past: Knex EZM (Experimental ZKAR Mod)





Introduction: Blast From the Past: Knex EZM (Experimental ZKAR Mod)

This is one of my older projects that I have not published on ibles until just now.  This project is basically an original take of the ZKAR, replacing the bolt on it with a handle pump.  It's about 11 layers thick in the handle pump part, but it's still fairly lightweight and portable.  The handle has knobs on it to make it comfortable, and the stock is curved to conform to your shoulder, and you can reload the mag with a breach in the side due to a mag mod bitz came up with.

I re-created the handle and took pictures of it.  I make no guarantees that it is accurate, although I tried my best to make sure it was.  The gray rod serves as the bolt in the gun, which pushes a bullet from the mag into the chamber.

I had internal pictures, but unfortunately lost them because of a glitch at KI.  I had to remove the photos from my computer in one of my periodic clean-ups to save space.  However I do have a video of it in action:



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    Give me one valid reason for not posting this.

    I'm lazy. I don't knex anymore. I don't have this gun anymore.

    That's 3 reasons which I guess contradicts the first, but they're valid enough.

    2 years 2 late.

    Nice. Very nice.

    Great job as always DJ, eleven layers is a defianate PRO. And when exactly did you build this (by the origional pictures I'm guessing about 2009)?

    I actually built this around a year or so before I posted this ible.

    hey guys i just built a quadruple tr 8 and i was wondering if i should post or not. each turret rotates after they r all out making 32 shots gets about 50 ft of range even though its a tr :(