K'nex Easter Cross





Introduction: K'nex Easter Cross

Easter is a celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ from Death after being crucified. The holiday commemorates God saving the world from its sins through his son's sacrifice. Today, the Cross is a symbol of good triumphing over evil and the world being saved.

Building a model of the cross from K'nex is an excellent learning opportunity that can be used in Sunday schools, churches, daycares, or even in the home to teach young children about the enormous sacrifice given by Jesus. Though it is a simple build, the K'nex cross can provide insight into the true meaning of Easter that even a small child could understand. Furthermore, when the build is complete, it makes for a wonderful house decoration!

Following are the steps that will help you and your child(ren) build your very own K'nex Easter Cross!

Step 1: Pieces

To build the K'nex Easter Cross, you will need;

-4 Blue 3D Connectors
-20 Yellow Connectors
-4 Grey 3D Connectors
-12 Red Connectors
-1 Orange Connector
-1 Blue Rod
-19 White Rods
-48 Green Rods

Approximately 10 minutes are needed to complete this build with children.

Step 2: Bottom Piece

Connect four yellow connectors by using green rods. Repeat to get two identical rows. Next, connect the two rows using green rods. Add two red connectors to one end of the piece, and fill all spaces using white rods as shown.

Step 3: Arms and Top

Connect two yellow connectors using a green rod. Repeat to get two pairs. Connect the pairs using green rods, and add two red connectors to the end of the piece. Fill in all spaces using white rods as shown. Repeat to get three identical pieces.

Step 4: Center

Connect four blue 3D connectors as shown using green rods. Make sure they are facing in exactly the same directions as in the pictures! Next, add the piece you just made into the center of the cross, connecting all of the arms and the base using green rods. Fill in all spaces using white rods.

Step 5: Center Decoration

Slide four grey 3D connectors into the center of the cross as shown. Next, add four white rods to the tops of the grey connectors. Connect the white rods using red connectors.

Step 6: Center Design

Attach two green rods to the ends of an orange connector. Next, insert a blue rod through the center of the orange connector. Rotate the piece 90 degrees, and add the entire piece to the center of the cross as shown.

Step 7: Done!

Enjoy your new special Easter Cross Decoration! I hope it brings joy and piece to you and your family this Easter! Place it on a shelf or even hang it on the wall to give it a special feeling of belonging in your household.



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