Knex Easy-Build 'Special' Gun





Introduction: Knex Easy-Build 'Special' Gun

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This is a new type of gun I found out when I was bored, its really cool. It uses minimal pieces and a true trigger. Although it is rather inaccurate it still has mediocre power and, did I say it uses hardly any pieces?

Step 1: Handle


Step 2: Trigger


Please view note. If you cannot see it, it says 'This is a grey connector on the end of a gray rod (you American's happy now?). IMPORTANT Elastic Band is small but tough. Feed elastic band through grey piece and loop through other end.'

Step 3: Sliderod


Step 4: Assemble

Slide the trigger on the elastic band holder.

Step 5: Assemble

Snap on the trigger.

Step 6: Assemble

At front of sliderod make as shown.

Step 7: Assemble

Latch band over green piece at top of trigger.(Bad lighting sorry)



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    coolest easy gun ive ever seen im gonna make it u r awesome

    Why is this gun so loved by all the *noobs* but the knexperts can't understand it!?!

    Because knexperts don't deserve to understand!

    Still, that is really funny, because one of your guns has a trigger a lot like this, and all of todays knexperts couldn't understand it back then.

    I see how it works now. Took me like 5 mins. Basically you just pull the middle part and wait for the rb to pull the green rod off the orange connector.

    this gun is really bad

    cool it is like one of the guns they used in the war. light weight, only close range and designed so it does not look like a gun

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    Thanks! I agree

    That's kind of an insult...

    As you can see knex is a construction toy that is incredibly strong and you can get it from ebay or toy shops

    As you can see knex is a construction toy that is incredibly strong and you can get it from ebay or toy shops


    just no.

    how do i get a pic next 2 my name? hi micheal its me from school (PETE)

    1 reply

    HA! I can kinda stalk you!

    It's a type of fish