Hello everyone, I hope all of you had a great Thanksgiving. I have recently made a new ball machine, Echo. This ball machine features new elements that I will point out in the ible. It has four paths and is piece friendly for some. This instructable is still in the beta stages and will be fully completed sometime next week. For now though, please enjoy my newest ball machine. A video will be posted soon as well.

Step 1: Piece Count Coming Soon!

Step 2: Base

Building the base and Motor section.

Step 3: Return Track

A little step!

Step 4: White Floor

Whoever invented the White Floor is a genius!

Step 5: Support Structures

A long step.

Step 6: Path Selecters

Step 7: Path 1 - One-Sided Clickers

This path contains one of the new elements.

Step 8: Path 2 - Supernova Throwback

This path contains an element from Supernova and another way to make the red ball dropper.

Step 9: Path 3 - Jungle Bridge

An average path.

Step 10: Path 4 - Ball Arm Path Element

This path contains the best element on the machine. It is really hard to describe but watch the video when it comes out.
Yes, this is amazingly hardcore; and it is even cooler that it has instructions. :3 Here, have a picture that reflects the level of awesomeness this has. Actually, take two, as it isn't letting me remove the second one I put on accident.
<p>Piece count, please? </p>
<p>Please, come back :P</p>
<p>I'm back. Sorry, no go on the video, files were deleted by accident but besides the newest machine I posted, the one after that will have a piece count and video:D</p>
Yeay!<br>Is it for the knex contest?<br>my ballmachine is not on time done for the contest.
<p>when is the vid coming? great ball machine btw</p>
Looks great, can't wait to see the vid!
Looks awesome, and cool that a ball machine this size has instructions!
Wow! Thats amazing! I really like the white floor! :-)
Ui, another ball machine! <br> <br>Looking awesome, great job :)
Looks fantastic! <br>

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