Hello everybody.
     I got the inspiration for this lift after seeing Alocke's ball machine Tartarus. As you can guess by the name, when the car gets up to the top it suddenly free falls. This is do to the special gearing mechanism. I modified a medium knex gear by taking off some of the teeth leaving only 17 left.  When the teeth of the medium gear catch hold of the small gear (see picture 10) it turns the shaft which is connect to a wheel-like device which winds in the string (or chain) connect to the car thus pulling the car up. When the car gets up to the top there are no more teeth turning the blue gear thus making the car fall. Enjoy the video.

Step 1: The Base

Picture of The Base
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knepic 4 months ago


Cool lift! I like the system! Can you make this higher?
KneXtreme (author)  dickheijboer2 years ago
Thanks! I don't know if you can make this version higher, but koolcoasterkid built something like it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ivBxiXluQfA
Yes, I saw that already! Yes, that's pretty cool! But that lift is not very much higher..
I've built it and it works great. Instead of cutting of the teeth of a yellow gear, I used an orange gear. (I guess you know it)
I'll use it in my next ball machine
Thanks for this awesome lift!

KneXtreme (author)  sandroknexmaster2 years ago
Can't wait to see your ball machine!
Your welcome.
Ok but you will have to wait veeeery long, probably more then 2 months.
collinjo123 years ago
This IS pretty cool! But the reason you didn't use an orange gear is because you probably don't have the drop n swing right?
KneXtreme (author)  collinjo123 years ago
Thanks. I have the orange gear, but I didn't use it because I broke it testing the mechanism.
does this require chain links
KneXtreme (author)  knexgunbuilder2173 years ago
No, but you could use chain links instead of rope.
jameshond3 years ago
i have the orange gear can i use this it hase 16 teeths
KneXtreme (author)  jameshond3 years ago
oke thanks
jameshond3 years ago
how much rollercoaster conectors do i need for this lift
KneXtreme (author)  jameshond3 years ago
I'm sorry to ruin the fun but the mechanism is not original. A similar mechanism is on a knex amusement park series on a free fall ride that includes an orange gear but great job making it into a lift!
KneXtreme (author)  knexpert#108294763 years ago
Thanks, but what amusement park ride was it on?
Sorunome3 years ago
Nice one! :)
KneXtreme (author)  Sorunome3 years ago
Thank you for my 400th comment.
Haha, cool! :D
Now this is a fantastic bit of engineering. Very original design, I'd love to see it in a working machine.

Best thing on instructables for months :-)
KneXtreme (author)  I_am_Canadian3 years ago
Thanks. I'm planning on using it in my next ball machine.
I think I'mma try and use this in my upcoming ball machine.
KneXtreme (author)  Purple Waffles3 years ago
Cool! It would be nice to see it in a working machine.
Kipcorn3 years ago
Knextreme, what a wonderfull lift again, I love your work, thanx for sharing!
KneXtreme (author)  Kipcorn3 years ago
Your welcome. I'm glad you like it :)
Thank god that I don't have to modify that yellow gear because knex.com has orange gears that are just like the modified gear for those who don't know.
Alocke3 years ago
I'm glad I could inspire some new ideas :)
Kipcorn3 years ago
I live in Holland aswell and buy my parts @marktplaats. Give it a look, theres plenty for sale ;)
Yep, I treid doing that but my parents wont allow me to bidd on stuff that are over an 15 KM range. But I still trei. I never won(Is that how you say it?) something. But I'm only bussy doing that for an couple of months(like three).
Thanks for the help to!

Ja, dat doe ik al, maar mijn ouders willen niet dat ik op dingen bied die buiten een gebied van 15 KM zijn, maar ik probeer het nog wel . Ik heb nog nooit iets ''gewonnen''(Is dat hoe je het zegt?). Maar ik ook nog maar een paar maanden(ong. 3) bezig met dat doen.
Toch nog bedankt!
Hi Sathoty,
They can send it to you?

Je kan het toch laten opsturen? Kost je 6,75 tot 10kg. Scheelt je een hoop tijd en geld voor benzine. Is bij mij nog nooit fout gegaan. Succes!
Weet ik. Maar mijn ouders vertrouwen dat niet. Dus ze willen het ophalen.
sathothy3 years ago
Looks awesome! Do you have an video of it working?
KneXtreme (author)  sathothy3 years ago
Yes I do but my computer is running slow. I'll try to upload it tomorrow.
Ok. Cant wait! Also I'm ot going to build it cause I only have 2 yellow crown gears. But it looks awesome!
KneXtreme (author)  sathothy3 years ago
There is a special gear that already has the teeth cut off. It comes with a knex set called "Gear Action 20 model building set". I got mine for $20.
I know. Its that orange gear right? I also dont have that set and they dont sell it here.
KneXtreme (author)  sathothy3 years ago
Thats to bad :(
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