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Introduction: Knex Experimental SMG

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Hey guys! I'm back, again I want to apologize for not uploading much lately. I've been working on a very large roller coaster and haven't had much time to mess with a gun. I had saw a drawing of a gun and it had this weird ball like ammo. I wanted to experiment with it and see what I could come up with. I did just that, I made a breach loading, ball shooting SMG. I have had very impressive results with this ammo and plan to make a magazine and figure out the best system to use for this ammo.

I'll talk about what I learned about this ammo. Since a ball, at any spot at its rotation, will never flop. That's what makes this ammo unique, it flys straighter than any other ammo I've used, and didn't start dropping until about 50 feet. Ultimately giving this round a consistent range of about 60-70 feet. The only bad things I have found with this round, is that it is very slow moving. I can not for the life of me figure out why. It's just as light as a rod, does not tumble, and is shooting farther than a rod, but yet is considerably slower.

New ammo
Decent looks
60-70 foot ranges
Breach loaded
Strong trigger

Slow moving bullet
No mag

So tell me what you guys think of it. I'd love to hear your opinions of the gun and the ammo itself. Do you think this ammo could be the future ammo?

~Lucas The Boss~



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    I remember reading through the wonderful pages of kinetic when he found that ammo type. There were a lot of drawings of concept knex guns using this ammo.
    I beleive it's downfall was the cost of the ammo.....
    Regardless it's cool to see someone try it again. Pretty sweet gun as well.
    Good Job!

    The gun looks great. Good idea there. I think Kinect made a gun (or at least designed a prototype) that used this kind of ammunition. Now that I think of it, I actually made a gun years ago that used this type of ammunition. It had a magazine and got quite good range. I had completely forgotten about it until I saw this. Maybe I'll revisit the concept sometime. BTW, if you're looking for innovative guns, go check out Kinect's stuff. While he was still active, he was a backbone of the innovative K'nex gun community and made some really awesome stuff.

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    Thank you! Id never seen a gun that shoots this ammo before this, do you have any pics of yours? I was a big fan of kinetic when he was still around. In fact I built his horizontal mag fed semi auto gun, And the one where he made two mags for the gun, one held the bands, and one held the bullets.

    I don't think I have any pictures of mine, because I built it a really long time ago. I'll have to check, though. Yeah, I also made Kinetic's horizontal mag fed semi-automatic gun (I think it was called the KLS V2). Have you tried firing the ball ammo sideways? That's how I did it in my gun. I see that that pin strikes the round at the very bottom. Does that work well, or does it cause any issues?

    What exactly is this "ball" ammo? Those two weird black dome-ish pieces held together with a green rod? My guess on why it fires slow is from air resistance. Would be interesting if you could give it hop up like an airsoft gun, perhaps increasing the range. And while a rod may tumble, it was still going at a relatively fast velocity beforehand.

    Anywho, I don't know if this is exactly the future. I could humor the idea of seeing a turret made for these ball rounds but my guess is a magazine wouldn't hold very many. Regardless, I'm interested in seeing whatever else you come up with.

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    Yep, the ball ammo is just that. A hopup would be interesting, ill do that when I have a chance. I would love to see a turrent to shoot these. One thing I have found out that I should probably but in the ible is, that since the pin is directing all its energy to a small portion of the ball, it cracks after shooting a while. If you were to make a turrent, it would need several points of contact on the ball, so it's transferring its energy to multiple areas, reducing that chance of it cracking.

    Bleh, yeah the cracking does sound off putting. Perhaps the ammo would serve better in a slingshot.

    I made some adjustments today, I made a system to absorb a lot of the shock but still output about the same amount of energy. Im getting the same ranges, and now they don't crack.

    Oops, late reply. Thanks! I didn't realize it looked like the 74u until after I made it. it would need a lot of changes to make it look right though.

    Nice Gun! But I have seen a gun that uses that type of ammo before.

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    Really? I've been on ibles for a long time, I just didn't make a account til 2012. I've never seen one.

    Wow this is cool! And a new ammo type :D So, are you doing a ball machine or micro k'nex rollercoaster?

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    Thanks a million! Before I was building a arcade game that utilized a ball machine and a gun. Then I realized I didn't have enough pieces, so now I'm building a roller coaster. I'm about 97% positive I'll have enough to finish it.

    oh OK cool! I'm excited for it :) good luck building it!

    This looks great well done!? It kind of looks like a mini bizon