Knex Explosive Tip Bullet





Introduction: Knex Explosive Tip Bullet

Here you will make an explosive tip bullet that goes bang on impact!

Step 1: Things You Need!

Collect all your supplies to start the build!

Step 2: Explosive Preparation!

Make your explovie tip! Cut one circle.

Step 3: Attaching the Tip!

Here you will attach the explosive tip to the end of the rod!



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    I made this but it exploded then my wenis hurt. After the rest of the package fell in a fire causing a chain reaction of cascading bombardments of flaming fury on the local tortoise population. They decided to avenge me by gathering a large sum of toasters creating a robot called Toastimus Prime! I was flabbergasted by the immense escalation of the situation (like that time I went to the mall and went up the escalator) and quickly ran away. Unfortunately there was a precipice on the other side and I fell. I dropped quicker than the temperatures in a Canadian winter. At the bottom of the hill was good ol' Ranger Gord to the rescue! He saved me from the toaster but all the commotion caused a uproar in the beaver lodge downstream. They came up stream with logs in hand like a heard of wild wood chippers going berserk. I got on my dirtbike and fled the situation. Then I remembered!!! I built a Knex Explosive Tip Bullet, so I took my remaning one out and defeated all of my enemies, despite my injuries. Thank you for posting this tutorial, it has saved me!

    That sounds like quite a kerfuffle, but inspiring nonetheless.

    These would be fun to use in K'NEX wars. You'd get a satisfying "BANG" when you hit your enemy.

    it really depends if there is aomething touching the powder

    Oh, so the bullet will not explode unless the end with the cap hits the target. Correct?