Knex Explosive Tip Bullet


Introduction: Knex Explosive Tip Bullet

Here you will make an explosive tip bullet that goes bang on impact!

Step 1: Things You Need!

Collect all your supplies to start the build!

Step 2: Explosive Preparation!

Make your explovie tip! Cut one circle.

Step 3: Attaching the Tip!

Here you will attach the explosive tip to the end of the rod!



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    I made this but it exploded then my wenis hurt. After the rest of the package fell in a fire causing a chain reaction of cascading bombardments of flaming fury on the local tortoise population. They decided to avenge me by gathering a large sum of toasters creating a robot called Toastimus Prime! I was flabbergasted by the immense escalation of the situation (like that time I went to the mall and went up the escalator) and quickly ran away. Unfortunately there was a precipice on the other side and I fell. I dropped quicker than the temperatures in a Canadian winter. At the bottom of the hill was good ol' Ranger Gord to the rescue! He saved me from the toaster but all the commotion caused a uproar in the beaver lodge downstream. They came up stream with logs in hand like a heard of wild wood chippers going berserk. I got on my dirtbike and fled the situation. Then I remembered!!! I built a Knex Explosive Tip Bullet, so I took my remaning one out and defeated all of my enemies, despite my injuries. Thank you for posting this tutorial, it has saved me!

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    That sounds like quite a kerfuffle, but inspiring nonetheless.

    These would be fun to use in K'NEX wars. You'd get a satisfying "BANG" when you hit your enemy.

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    it really depends if there is aomething touching the powder

    Oh, so the bullet will not explode unless the end with the cap hits the target. Correct?

    Wow, what a cool idea! This would be great for videos to show that the bullet has hit somewhere(usually its hard to see/hear the bullet ) I may try to design a mag for this :)

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    Omg, I just had an idea. Put a cap in the orange connector (instead of the broken end of a rod) and when the ram hits, you get an explosion like in real life :D (on connector ammo)

    I tried your idea but but it didn't work so i instead I put the cap on the end of a mini one rod and placed it in the magazine of my m14 and it shoots makes a bang and smoke comes out the top! Thanks for the idea too!