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Introduction: Knex F-22 - Instruction

This is the instruction for the Knex F-22 that I made a while back. Enjoy!

Pieces you will need:

-green: 21
-yellow : 6
-orange: 20
-red: 7
-light-gray (triangular): 8
-dark-gray (straight): 24
-tan: 17

-gray: 4
-red: 5
-yellow: 17
-blue: 10
-white: 18
-green: 20

Step 1: Fuselage - Part 1

The fuselage will be the foundation that connects all the other parts of the plane together.

Step 2: Fuselage - Part 2

These two parts will hold the fuselage together and allow us to connect the tails and wings.

Step 3: The Wings

Step 4: The Tails

Each tail will fold up to become the vertical and horizontal stabilizer.

Step 5: Cockpit and Engine Air Intake

The middle piece is the cockpit. The two pieces on the side are the top parts of the engine air intakes.

Step 6: Nose and Body

Photo 3: Slide the red connector in between the red rod and the two yellow rods. DO NOT CONNECT IT TO ANY OF THE RODS. The rods should be able to hold the connector in place.

Step 7: All the Parts

You should now have the following parts.

Step 8: Connect the Nose/body to the Engine

1. Slip the two gray connectors onto the white rods at the end of the fuselage.
2. Connect the four parts of the nose/body onto the fuselage.
3. Add an orange connector to the end of the fuselage (Do not connect it to the rods. The two red rods should be able to hold it in place).

On the 6th photo, as shown by the green circles and arrow, make sure you slide those parts up so that the orange connectors touch each other.

Step 9: Connect the Tails

1. Connect the yellow connector of the tail to the green connector of the fuselage.
2. Fold the tail up and connect the outermost yellow rod to the yellow connector of the fuselage (the yellow connector will need to bend up to connect to the yellow rod of the tail).
3. Repeat for the other tail.

Step 10: Connect the Wings

The small tan connector on the wing should rest on the inner hole of the green connector of the tail.

Step 11: Connect the Top Part of the Engine Air Intakes

First, insert the white rods into the orange connectors, then connect the tan connectors onto them to hold them in place. The white rods should push against the red rod and cause the nose to bulge outward.

Then, connect the top parts of the engine air intakes into place as shown in the 4th photo.

Step 12: Connect the Cockpit

1. Connect the red connector as shown in the 1st photo.
2. Insert the cockpit into the red connector. The red connector should be able to hold it in place.

We're almost done! There is one more thing we need to add. The weapon bay hatches.

Step 13: Create the Weapon Bay Hatches

Step 14: Insert the Weapon Bay Hatches Into the Fuselage

1. Take out the two bottom green connectors in the front of the engine air intake.
2. Slide the two gray rods back .
3. Put the weapon bay hatches into place, and then slide the gray rods back up so that they hold the weapon bay hatches in place.
4. Reconnect the two green connectors.
5. When the weapon bay hatches are closed, the little tan connector on the underside of the nose piece will keep it shut.

That's it! We're finished!

Step 15: The Completed F-22 Raptor

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I used to make tons of these jets, they are awesome!

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fyi obama stoped production of this best of the best plane

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i dint know what hes doing but they may replace it

i made it but the weapon bay hatches dont stay closed so i added rubber bands

i made ur f-16 and f-22 make a f-15 or a f-14 please i will see if i can make it please

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I'll see. They both seem pretty tough to make.

The Just Cause 2 Eclipse G9 is cool

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