My brother made this
I made the Cosmic Dolphin form K'nex. Can I post it on here, too? It is the craft driven by Digi-Boy, who is a hidden unlockable and was also in F-Zero AX.
sure<br>lets see it
Go ahead<br>But I'm not sure if I no who that is<br>TTT (tell the truth) my brother made them
F-Zero... MAN, it's been a while! I don't own the Gamecube game, but I have a friend who does, and we sometimes have massive marathons of F-Zero! Ahh, nostalgia...
Haha, F-0 FTW!!! Still a huge fan of it, and I STILL get a kick from it.
Haha those are pretty cool! I love F-ZERO GX on the gamecube!

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