Introduction: Knex FAMAS

Just a quick thing a made. It does not shoot, its just for looks. Sorry for wierd Picture angels.



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Doesn't really look like a famas compared to other models.

Who are you to pick on people. Look at your instructable.

Look at the FAMAS by Atlas. Then look at this. Which one is more realistic? If you said this one, you are stupid. This one has a rail that's too long, and the angles are off.

Oh and adding "Gay" to the end of my name is extremely cliche and doesn't do much for an insult. In fact, it just shows how dumb you are by trying (and failing) to insult people who are 100x better than you.

this famas looks better and more accrate than atlas's

it doesnt even look like a famas

To be honest i don't see why people need to compare it. It sucks, i made it very quickly a long time ago because i was bored. It wasn't supposed to be anything special

 curve the handle and clip and make a smaller barrel then ill give u 5*

woow thats is realy good!
but make him shoot and post!
best famas on the site!5*