Picture of Knex FAMAS
Well, I have been wanting to make a famas for a while, and I finally did. This gun is pure beast in terms of looks, but it only shoots about 20 ft. This gun is extremely detailed, from the top rail to the finger slits on the grip. Please rate, comment, and sub.
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Johnhall443 years ago
made the gun......ITS EPIC
the vengeful aug (author)  Johnhall443 years ago
Thanks a lot dude. Any suggestions for a new assault rifle?
You have a great gun there =D 4.5*
That is really nice! Good job! :D
Johnhall443 years ago
POST IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the vengeful aug (author)  Johnhall443 years ago
Well its gone but it wouldn't be that hard to make without instructions. I have a decent M-4 and a new MP5k coming soon.
Probably a thompson 1927
the vengeful aug (author)  Johnhall443 years ago
Some kind of assault weapon.
what about a Fara 83 or what about a Norinco type 86s. Another idea try making a QBZ-03.
the vengeful aug (author)  Johnhall442 years ago
400th comment!!!
Forgot to add this assault rifle to the list but what about a AN-94. another idea you should build a XM29. LOL did I wright to many random guns XD.
good point it wouldn't be that hard to make
rheath22 years ago
Incredible work! 4.5*. =D
Puddock3 years ago
An Villain3 years ago
I love how you're wearing a USA shirt while showcasing a French firearm.
the vengeful aug (author)  An Villain3 years ago
Pretty sad
Seleziona3 years ago
I would like to think the handle is comfortable, but I just can't.
lol, true, finger grips are too large
the vengeful aug (author)  dr. richtofen3 years ago
make the handle and see. they were awesome!
maybe i'll try that one day........
best looking famas in my opinion 5/5
Someone give me an idea on what gun i should build, i can't think.
cod wunder waffe
A new project
the vengeful aug (author)  sharpbike1233 years ago
Colt commando
the vengeful aug (author)  sharpbike1233 years ago
On the web site or a new project?
assassinman3 years ago
im gunna try and bulit it from the pics lol
the vengeful aug (author)  assassinman3 years ago
Why lol.?
coz im awsome i did it then i droped down the stairs -_-
the vengeful aug (author)  assassinman3 years ago
You built it?
yer i did some parts wrong coz i dont have that many yellow connecters
the vengeful aug (author)  assassinman3 years ago
Oh well the top rail can be changed around
lemonpickle3 years ago
you can do better
the vengeful aug (author)  lemonpickle3 years ago
Why? Its awesome
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