K'nex FAMAS G2





Introduction: K'nex FAMAS G2

Hello everybody! This is my FAMAS G2 model.(Fusil d'Assaut de la Manufacture d'Armes de Saint-√Čtienne)
I finished it yesterday. It doesn't shoot, but let's see some of it's features:
- Pretty good Looks (IMO)
- Pretty comfortable (with foregrip attached)
- Full size
- Moving charging handle
- Moving trigger
- Removable magazines
- Some attachments

Tell me what you think, and please rate.

~~credit for the FAMAS idea goes to AUG-50M3~~



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    leuke poster dude XD

    It looks nice but I think as a community we are well past non-functioning models. If you could make this fire it would be great, but I think when you remove the constraints of a firing mechanism it removes the challenge of making it look good.

    Ga je hem posten?

    Waarschijnlijk wel. Morgen, of zondag

    fix the handle support thingie and the straight magazine, other than that, very nice!

    Thanks! The picture I built it from, has a straight magazine, so I made it straight. I'll try to make the 'bottom' of the hand guard flatter, and post some photos of it

    I see, my fault

    Oh, it doesn't matter. Still thanks for the comment

    i like the look of it alot! =D