K'nex FAMAS G2 Instructions:





Introduction: K'nex FAMAS G2 Instructions:

About: Hey there. I won't add too much info here, as it'll show up as one big paragraph.

Hello people. These are the instructions to my FAMAS G2 model.
For more information about this gun (like stats, features etc.), you can  visit the slideshow

Step 1:

Step 2: Handle Part


Step 3: Front Barrel/hand Guard


Step 4: Carrying Handle and Charging Handle

Step 5: Build the Gun Itself

Post me some photo's if you've made it. I'll put them here



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    this can be easily be moddified to shoot

    question,how many cut parts does this need? I only have two white rods without the ends on them and I want to build this.

    1 reply

    I'm afraid you'll need a few more of them.
    The ones in the magazine can be replaced by green rods in the circular holes, with tape around them.
    If you leave the hinges near the magwell away, you should be able to replace the broken rods there with normal white ones.
    The trigger can be an orange connector with a green rod through the circular hole, which should save you another one.

    I'm not sure about the rest, I haven't had this gun assembled since this ible, so I looked over the instructions.
    Hope this helped.

    Another question. On picture 5, I can't see what the middle of that part is. Can you post a picture showing that? It will help alot

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    Well, I'm on school now. But it looks like a red connector with an Y-clip on one side clipped into the white rod, and on the other side a white rod

    Hey, a question about a piece. On the fore-barrel, how many of those little black tires are there? I only have 4, so I need to know how many more to get.

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    If I'm correct, it uses 15 small black wheels on the barrel. And 4 for the handle. THe handle ones are optional (you can but some other 'comfortable makers' on it like this, the ball joints)

    The stock looks good. Maby you could texture it?😊

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    I already broke this up. Maybe someone else can texture it (I have a SCAR-L built up right now)

    Ah, never saw that gun before. That indeed looks a bit like a FAMAS!

    Nice! Looks pretty awesome except mag needs to be a bit bigger, maybe as big as TheDunkis' mag

    Cool gun, but how how many yellows? I only have about 75ish, lol

    2 replies

    Thanks. I'm however afraid that you can't finish it with 75 yellows. I think it uses about 130. You can leave the grip out (9 yellows less)

    127 yellows (gun+1magazine) and no grip