Here is my contest entry. It's a FAMAS. The trigger blocks behind the magazine giving optimal power. Range is around 35~ feet. Tell me what you think. 
2 questions<br>1. Does it fire?<br>2. Does it consume a lot of pieces?
1.Yes <br>2.Not too many.
Range is around 35~ feet. Sound Familiar?
I built it, its actually quite enjoyable to shoot P:
Very nice bitz, are u gonna post?
Are you gonna ever post this gun?
All Bakenbitz gun!
&nbsp;Yes it is all made by me.
i thought you went to KI
YOUR bakenbitz!
Aw rat biscuits you got me!
??? Did you made a new account?
&nbsp;The admins decided to not let me post on the other one.
Horray! Bitz is back!
BUSTED!<br />
lol. i thought he was just a normal instructabler, but i was wrong he turns out to be BakenBits
And to think that this was all because of me. &nbsp;(well, according to bitz anyways.)<br />
Since when?
Since who knows when, that was so long ago.<br />
ahhh mann pllzz post nicest gun on whole instructables<br />
&nbsp;plz post instructable cause out of 5 i'd give it a 10<br /> <br />
Why'd you get banned? Rude commenting?
please post instructable!<br />
Great replica, 4.5 stars.
you have got to post that come on! you know you want to!
&quot;there is 2 simple things you need to make anything big out of knex: lots of time and lots of knex&quot;<br /> <br /> If you really think that it is so easy to make things, why not just build it off the pictures?<br />
would you like me to post it for you?<br />
post it!
Because not everyone can build off pictures, if that were true though, todays world would be less complicated than it actually is.<br />
omg stop using things i said on other people knex instructables against me. sheesh&nbsp;if your so desperate for a comeback&nbsp;dont copy things I aid&nbsp;
&nbsp;You said that to me on Youtube.&nbsp;
&nbsp;he says nothing more about your point and talks about your&nbsp;plagiarism&nbsp;
&nbsp;How can it be plagiarism if it is my own work?
&nbsp;no, not that, you quoting his quations
It would be easier to understand you if you typed in proper english.
Well, i have it built and it works good but sometime the bullets hit the side of the gun and come flying out. Do you have this problem? And do you know how to fix it? Oh and can i post it?<br />
post it dude!
Nice idea. Like TD said, the barrel should be just a little longer, other than that, POST!<br />
DUDE THAT IS&nbsp;NICE! it looks exactly like a FAMAS!<br /> <div id="refHTML">&nbsp;</div>
looks great
&nbsp;What happened to the shotgun thing with the cool mag?
can i use your trigger mech on my gun? by the way nice gun :)
Nice! I like how the trigger is behind the mag, even though its a back-mag gun! 4.5*<br />
Pretty cool. The barrel is too short but that's just me being a pain in the arse. But yes other than that it's the best looking one.
Not sure how it will work, looks like it would shoot well, but as far as looks go, I think it's by far the best famas and one of the best replicas on the site.
&nbsp;Wow. Thanks.

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