Yeah! The first FN 2000 on the site, the first bullpup to shoot over 50 feet.... and..... LOOKS AMAZING! BRING OUT THE PROS AND cons!

(medium part use)

Looks deadly
feels great (aka comfortable XD)
Deadly range for a gun of it's kind
Can be easily muzzle loaded if magazine runs out of ammo
15 round war mag
Trigger doesn't mess up
seriously accurate

uses 6 (maybe 5) broken parts
Hard to look through sights with a firing pin with a yellow connector (you can put an orange connector on the pin)

Weirdo design (I have a big line of space in the middle outside of the gun) WTF?

War gun primary 4/5
long loading times, but deadly accuracy and power
War gun secondary 3/5
What? why are you leaving this gun as a secondary? It's meant to be a primary!
Fun gun 5/5
AWESOME TO PLAY WITH! Enough said. ;)

Build if ya want ;)


This step will have everything. Period!

Step 2: Elastics and Firing Pin and Mag Push

Well, the administrator or whatever wont let me have just one step...........

Step 3: Loading

to load, pull back firing pin, take out mag push, put blue rods in mag, or put a red rod down the barrel, put mag push back in, and pull trigger! Have fun!
Looks great!
video of it shooting?
dosnt work trys to shoot 2 bullets a once and jams<br>
i like it but the but is to fat if it wasnt it was like the real one
Doesn't it sort of look like it has a fat butt?
It does man, a lot of people tell me it doesn't look like the real thing, And i agree with them.
It looks realistic to me. Just if you close one eye, tilt your head, think of the real thing, close the other eye... and yea. It looks real.
I actually don't like it. It doesn't look like a F2000.
Yes, everyone says that.
&nbsp;I started mine just to let you know....<br /> Tell me if you want some pics :)
Awesome! Can't wait to get PWNED!!!
&nbsp;:P<br /> I'll give you some later today or&nbsp;tomorrow.
feels great (aka comfortable XD)...<br /> THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID.<br />
ThANk YOu <br />
im sure it would work fine but to be REALLY honest............it looks NOTHING like a F2000 (thats my point of veiw anyway) id give it a 3.0 rating
Did you see the second pic????
yes i did
lol sorry........it does look good but its just the mag that makes it lokk nothing like it . :(
to a degree he is right. the mag should be farther back.<br />
Looks more like a jackhammer...
&nbsp;Nice, know im late, but might wanna swap the firs and second pics in the inro step, cos on the list, the first one dont reallt look like an F2K...
KK, I will
Ooooh man..... i am going to put a stock on this....
It already has a stock......
Rofl. <br />
I know eh?
XD<br /> <br />
Still doesn't look like the real thing too much.<br />
i know....
the stock really kills it but otherwise it looks great
lol one step!<br /> 5*&nbsp;
I know! i wanted to do something different, so i did that! btw- did you see the modded version, and do you think it looks more like the real version?
yes i saw it,its looks better now
good ;)
Might build it in metallics
It would look very good in metallics ;)
already builded&nbsp; P90 in&nbsp;metal
My P90?
no from knex gun builder
:(<br /> I was getting my hopes all high XD<br /> jk
i dont know.<br /> but iam now starting a new projest wil you heard it?
What is your project of?
already failed
awww, what was it anyway?

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