K'nex FN F2000

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Introduction: K'nex FN F2000

This was rated the #1 k'nex gun at 4.31!

Here you go...

Step 1: The Main Body


Step 2: The Handle


Step 3: The Barrel


Step 4: Fake Mag


Step 5: The Stock


Step 6: Assembly


Step 7: Banding

 To shoot, first load some bullets into the hopper.  It is that opening you see in the op of the rail.  Now there is an orange connector on the left side of the stock.  Pull that back until it clicks.  Now pull it back all the way forward and pull the trigger.



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how many y clips does it need i only got 21

man... i gotta buy more small green rods.I can make this gun 3 times, but i can only make it 3/4 couse im low on green rods

lol yeah, it uses a TON!

uhm...lets see 0,1x412:23x335:..........x.....
no only 100 gram of green rods

so, how many does it use? 412 or 335 rods?

oh and f2000 pr fn2000 are my favorite guns :) couse of bulpup disign they looks pretty cool high rate of fire (i ever shot one at a shooting range so cool!)

cons: the recoil will kick you off the target you should use short burst and closer range.. spray and pray :)

f2000 pr fn2000
They are the same thing: FN F2000

Great job. It is a little wobbly, though.