Introduction: K'nex FN P-90

Picture of K'nex FN P-90

Knex FN P90 from our good freind Belgium

Penetrates alot easier than my Glock and Kedr

FORTUNATLY it has hi-power, good penetration.

UN fortunatly it has slow reload time, single shot

Step 1: Body

Picture of Body

Step 2: Handle

Picture of Handle

Pics should explain itself

Step 3: Iron Sights

Picture of Iron Sights

Step 4: Main Part

Picture of Main Part

Step 5: Mechanizm

Picture of Mechanizm

Step 6: Loading the Gun

Picture of Loading the Gun

Granted is hard but is STAGGERINGLY powerfull.

Step 7: Well.... What Does This Do???

Picture of Well.... What Does This Do???

The safety switch does nothing...
Real safety is by pulling the trigger


sandroknexmaster (author)2014-08-29


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