Hey everyone! Here's my new replica.
It's  a Scar-H.
I will not post, It's not very good.
It doesn't have a stock ( I ran out of pieces).

Range- 20FT

Pro's and con's:

Tactical rail.
Removable mag.
Fairly realistic.
Realistic sights.

No stock (but it's not my fault)
Not the most realistic.

Tell me what you think  "It only takes a second!" - Killer~SafeCracker

Thanks for looking,


why the hell isn't there a stock!? and a pin guide!? and why isn't it your fault!?
he ran out of peicies
That's horrible.
did he survive running out of pieces?
just barely hes still in rehab
you could probably change this into an mp40<br />
no its to thick for an mp40
when i first saw it i thought it was an mp40
no way an mp40 looks like a sten a bit and a grease gun and their circleish and the magizines thin on an mp4o and the barell is on the top or in the midlle on mp40's ok i think thats it
Translated for the persons who actually care about grammar:<br><br>No way. An mp40 looks a bit like a sten (actually it doesn't) and a grease gun (M3). And they are a bit circle-like, and the magazines are thin on an mp40, and the barrel is on the top or in the middle. <br><br>
thanks very much :D
no problemo :)
i don't know guns very well so ill take your word for it. :)
Well, judging from his previous comment, he doesn't either.
ok thats fine i just felt i hat to say that : )
Nice one Jesus!<br>
looks like an MP40
When I first saw it I thought of an mp40.
actually it is your fault there is no stock
alot of people suffer from lack-o-piece sindrome.
I see an mp40 in this.
this is a mp40 in my eyes <br>
Fairly realistic. Not very realistic. Make up your mind, which one is it?
no stock or foregrip? and a picture of the real thing would be nice :D<br />
meh... its not the worst...<br />
cool<br /> <br /> but eh....<br /> <br /> stock??<br />
mines better. lol, i like the trigger looks though<br />
I DONT WANT IT!!!! lol, find a way to make the range better!

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