Knex FN Scar-H.




Introduction: Knex FN Scar-H.

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Hey everyone! Here's my new replica.
It's  a Scar-H.
I will not post, It's not very good.
It doesn't have a stock ( I ran out of pieces).

Range- 20FT

Pro's and con's:

Tactical rail.
Removable mag.
Fairly realistic.
Realistic sights.

No stock (but it's not my fault)
Not the most realistic.

Tell me what you think  "It only takes a second!" - Killer~SafeCracker

Thanks for looking,




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    why the hell isn't there a stock!? and a pin guide!? and why isn't it your fault!?

    4 replies

    That's horrible.

    did he survive running out of pieces?

    no its to thick for an mp40

    when i first saw it i thought it was an mp40

    no way an mp40 looks like a sten a bit and a grease gun and their circleish and the magizines thin on an mp4o and the barell is on the top or in the midlle on mp40's ok i think thats it

    Translated for the persons who actually care about grammar:

    No way. An mp40 looks a bit like a sten (actually it doesn't) and a grease gun (M3). And they are a bit circle-like, and the magazines are thin on an mp40, and the barrel is on the top or in the middle.

    i don't know guns very well so ill take your word for it. :)

    Well, judging from his previous comment, he doesn't either.

    ok thats fine i just felt i hat to say that : )

    Nice one Jesus!

    When I first saw it I thought of an mp40.

    alot of people suffer from lack-o-piece sindrome.