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Introduction: K'nex F.O.S.C.R

About: Hi! Im tombuckey. I live in Liverpool, England. I build knex ball machines from my own ideas and also build other peoples knex guns. I have a Youtube account just type in Tombuckey in the search bar and all...

Hi this is my first actual gun.
the name stands for:

this is a very good good and I had fun building it and hope you do too.
True trigger.
Ramrod NEVER comes out of barrel.
Accurate. (With yellow rods)
Good range. (with my rubber bands I got about 40-45ft)

No magazine.
Stock is too big.

Enough! Lets start building

Step 1: Stock

The other side is ecsacly the same. Also remember the blue rods.

Step 2: Firing Pin Holder.

This section ataces the stock to the main body. It also houses the firing pin. Be carefal because I show both sides of the housing. Ask for help if you need it.


Step 3: Handle

Pritty easy but only add rods where shown. Do NOT add them if the are not shown.

Step 4: Barrel

You shouldn't need help.
those blue connectors can be replaced by the tan connectors.

Step 5: Main Body

Be sure to read the image notes.

Picture 2-3: yes that is a broken yellow rod. I diddnt break this on purpose it was already broken from a previuos gun. If you dont want to break your connector you can use a orange connector.

Step 6: Trigger

This is simple. It is the trigger and trigger holder

Step 7: Foregrip

pritty simple. add a elastic band at the bottom.

Step 8: Firing Pin


Step 9: Stock to Holdor

Give a general description of the Stepthe connection points

Step 10: Barrel to Main Body

Simple but remember I show both side and make sure you have the barrel the right way round.

Read the image notes.

Step 11: Trigger & Foregrip

Please read the image notes.
Sorry for the blury picture.

Step 12: Trigger and Overall Connection

you shouldnt really have any problems..

Step 13: Adding the Ramrod

Step 14: Sights and What-not

You should know where to put the bands. I use 3 bands to get about 40ft.



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    "Picture 2-3: yes that is a broken yellow rod."

    Correction: that is a yellow connenctor.

    It looks weak. Try to use a black rod as a ram and make a longer barrel. 2 connectors between trigger and bullet lock does not make for a powerful gun. There have been single shots that shoot around 70 feet and require no modded parts.

    5 replies

    Well the modded part does not make any difference to the range. Thanks for the advice I'll be sure to do that in my next gun.

    Where did I say anything about modded parts? The short traveling distance of the firing pin makes the gun weaker.

    "There have been single shots that shoot around 70 feet and require no modded parts." There is where you said about the modded parts. Ill be sure to make the ramrod a black rod too.

    Yeah, but that wasn't related to my first statement, the reason your gun is weak isn't because of modded parts, it's because of the short traveling distance of your ram. Oh and make the barrel longer, more connectors between the trigger and bullet lock mean more acceleration speed.