I made a full functioning Famas out of knex, magazine fed, a modified version of my Tavor that has better range. www.instructables.com/id/Knex_Tavor_TAR_21_Instructable/
&nbsp;no offense but that doesnt look like it at all<br /> u should look it up on google for the real famas pic<br /> <br />
looks alot like a clarion rifle
Much, much better. 4.0
id love to see this posted, so i can mod it to try make it a lil more realistic ;D<br />
I ran out of knex...
cant you take it apart, but into large chunks, and take pics of the chunks? <br /> <br /> its usually pretty easy to get them together...<br />
what's a famax?<br />
its a french bull pup asault rifle, meaning the magazine is behind the trigger. famas is the guns name
<em>famas</em><br />
its a gun<br /> <br /> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FAMAS<br />
sounds awesome, i'd almost buy knex...
The gun looks a bit skeletony, try filling it up first.<br />
The video is really dark, try turning a some lights on for your next video.
It's the camera not the lighting,&nbsp;I need a new one.
What's wrong with it?&nbsp;The video&nbsp;seems like it could be fixed by changing a setting.
Cool! Will you <strong><em>P0$T</em></strong>

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