Knex Firework/marble Launcher





Introduction: Knex Firework/marble Launcher

Small Yet simple and powerful knex firework or marble launcher. WARNING: I am not responsible for any one that gets hurt while using this launcher!

Step 1: Pieces

first you need,

9 yellow rods
1 white connecter
a rubber band
1 red rod
1 end gray piece
8 orange connecters

Step 2: Connecting

first take 8 yellow rods and connect them to the white connecter.

Step 3: Connecting2

Then take the 8 orange connecters and connect them to the ends of the yellow pieces.

Step 4: Building the Ram

to build the ram you need the rubber band, red peice, gray piece, and the last yellow rod.
Put the connecter on the red piece then slide the rubber band through it. Next put the yellow rod through the end of the gray piece.

Step 5: Putting It Togehter

put the ram into the hole of the white connecter. Then slide the rubber band around each side of the orange pieces, and over the yellow ones connected to it.

Step 6: Aim, Fire!

then pull back the yellow piece of the ram, load the firework or marble, and fire!



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    hey    !!!!!! >_<   but from where did ya got that pieces?!!????????

    how far can it go?


    you could probably attach a punk to this and put one of the sparkler ball things inside. then b4 u fire rotate the fuse to the punk and launch!!!

    Are there anything else you can put in the barrel for ammo?

    wow I like the fire work thing its pretty cool make something ells please

    not bad but i have a marble gun that wont let the marble roll out and it has a pump acion mag and it shoots 20 -30 ft im posting it soon heres my old version of it the 1 im posting is marble gun v.2

    C:\Documents and Settings\Ian Bray\My Documents\Daniel\CIMG0149.JPG


    thanks for the comments and thats crazy fireing them at cars!!