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Introduction: K'nex Flamethrower (Working)

One day i was looking to make a new knex gun. and i had recently seen a lego flamethrower. So from then i had wanted to make a knex flamethrower that works. i looked around and found a few but none to my liking. so i figured i'd try to make my own, i rarely create knex weapons of my own design but i had a go and it came out all right so im happy. if you like this post tell me if i should post instructions.

how it works: there is a candle up the front of the gun and a lynx body spray can behind it. string is attached to a lever which pushes on the button that releases the spray. the string leads down to a trigger and when you pull on the trigger it shoots out FLAMES!

WARNING! after use blow out candle our can will explode

i am not responsible if you or someone you know gets burned whilst using this weapon.

professer smileyface out

Step 1:



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    This looks fun and dangerous. Be very careful!

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