Hi This is my first instructable, it is a high powered foldaway cross bow that fires red 3-slot connectors it fires about 30 feet and can fold up to fit in your bag (useful if you want to surprise your annoying cousins)

Step 1: Barrel

This is the barrel just follow steps

Step 2: Handel and Trigger

Just build what you see

Step 3: Bow Bit

Again just build

Step 4: Putting It Together

Put it together and add elastic bands Don't forget to follow for more great guns!!!
Its alright, but could use some work. I am a looks kinda guy, so guns that could be considered "ugly" usually receive this kind of comment from me. :-) I am not saying that your gun is entirely ugly, but it is not hansom.
ROFL there's a typo in my correction haha
there's a D in hanDssome btw =P
That's ok but I like my guns to work well looks are an after thought and a bonus
No problem, and I totally understand. That is just what I like to build, and if you don't, I have nothing to say against you. :-)
Thanks, did you build it
No maybe later, I'm to busy now with my new ball machine... :D
I hope the ball machine works well

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Bio: We build knex guns. The guns we build rock. Follow us for wicked guns
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